Connect and Automate Your Business Data

We take all the hard work of automating your reporting off your plate so you can focus on running your business.

Wrangling All Your Business Data is Tough

We take all your data from ALL your sources and bring it into one easy to use dashboard viewable online and in your inbox.

Proven Processes

Our team of US based engineers have years of experience in crafting simple systems to help you understand your business.

Crystal Clear Reporting

Ditch your Google Sheets and Pivot Tables. Let us build you beautiful dashboards with all your data in one spot.

Dedicated Team

We live and breathe data. Let us be your dedicated team to make sure you have all your metrics when you want them and how you want them.

Research Matters

Whatever use case you have we can handle. We do the research to understand the in’s and out’s of your business.

Our Simple Process

Select a Plan

We have flat rate pricing based on your metrics. Choose how many you need and let’s get started!

Fill Us In

Fill out a short questionnaire to give us all the required information to make your data dreams come true.

Enjoy Your New Dashboards

We deliver your metrics and closely monitor your connections for any discrepancies.

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